About Us

Teachers’ Library will be a service connecting English teachers in Venezuela with resources and mentors. So, they may be able to increase their capabilities and value to students that need to learn English. Our service will be an online platform that provides English Language learning materials, workbooks, lesson planning guidelines, homework exercises, and suggestions for curriculum development. Teachers’ Library most important element will be the connection of teachers in Venezuela to assigned mentors, who are available to assist the teachers in most areas that the basically unsupported teachers in Venezuela require.


To provide quality educational materials and support to teachers and schools in developing South American countries, while contributing a valuable international education experience to higher-ed volunteers.


To be a tool for establishing social and cultural change through education.


To bring higher education tools, support and best practices to schools and teachers in developing South American countries.


  • Humbleness: we understand that a Teacher’s vocation isn’t easy, and because of this we are there to support them.

  • Dedication: we are there for a Teacher’s journey, providing avenues to assist and improve their teaching efforts.

  • Efforts: we recognize the work done by educators and aim to learn from how the platform is or isn’t benefitting them.

  • Resilience: we anticipate that Plan A won’t always work and aim to be ready for all possible outcomes.

  • Hope: we believe imagination and courage are key to student success, so we aim to provide teachers with material that call help them all.